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Whale Festival in Sainte Marie Madagascar

Whale Festival in Sainte Marie: Ultimate Guide to Activities and Events

Activities during the festival

The festival on the island of Sainte-Marie attracts tourists from around the world. The main event is the whale show, but there are also activities like carnival parades, local village events, and whale-watching safaris. Visitors can enjoy a variety of concerts featuring different music styles, as well as sports competitions such as trail running and canoe races. Cultural activities include film screenings and evening events in the town center and restaurants. There are also organized group tours to explore the island’s history and natural beauty, including boat trips for up-close whale watching. Additionally, there are conferences with partners to discuss ways to improve the festival and the island’s future.

In addition to the exciting festival activities, visitors can experience the beauty and cultural heritage of Sainte-Marie Island, also known as “L’île aux nattes”. They can discover Malagasy people’s stories and traditions through historical landmarks and diverse biodiversity.

The festival offers an array of musical performances representing various genres from both the region and across the entire island. It showcases traditional local music alongside new discoveries.

Sports enthusiasts will have plenty to enjoy with competitions like trail running, mountain biking, and canoe racing taking place throughout the festival.

Cultural attractions include film screenings along with evening events at various locations in downtown areas and restaurants.

Tourists have opportunities for guided or group excursions enabling them to delve into authentic island experiences filled with adventure while learning about its history. These excursions may also include sea trips for closer encounters with whales.

The conference sessions provide a platform for discussions with partners on how best to enhance both the future of Sainte-Marie Island itself as well as that of its annual festival.

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