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Mananara Nord Madagascar

Uncover Mananara Nord: geography, activities, and more

How to get there?

Traveling by Car:

The road from Antananarivo to Toamasina takes about 3 days using the RN2 and then the RN5 from Toamasina to Mananara Nord.

Traveling by Bush Taxi:

– Depart from Ambodivona parking in Antananarivo to Toamasina for a ticket price of 18,000 Ar.
– Then take the Toamasina line to Mananara.
– Depart from Tanambao V parking to Mananara for a ticket priced at 70,000 AR and 50,000 AR.

By boat:

– From Soanierana Ivongo, it takes 5 hours to cross.
– From Sainte-Marie, the crossing also takes 5 hours.

By air:

– Fly via Air Madagascar to Mananara in a twin otter.
– Transfer by car to visit Verezanantsoro Park, Ivontaka Park, and Nosy Antafana Marine Park.

Some precautions:

Visit Parc Mananara Nord from April to October when the sea is calm.
Contact Parc National de Mananara first to organize your visit because the boat can only take 8 people.

Mananara North is a natural endemic center

– The Mananara National Park has many unique species.
– It has a marine park with different kinds of fish, dense rainforest, beaches, coral reefs, and granite islets.
– The park includes both land and marine areas with diverse natural resources.

The Marine Park:

The Nosy Antafana is a group of three small islands located 2.5 kilometers from Sahasoa in Madagascar. These islands form a diverse marine ecosystem with beautiful coral reefs and abundant biodiversity along the East coast of Madagascar. The coral reefs are particularly stunning, hosting a wide range of ecological niches and marine life.

The Earth Park: A Description

The East eco-region includes coastal forests and forested islets.


The park has a diverse range of wildlife, including 77 bird species such as the firasa and karaoko. There are also 136 species of reptiles and amphibians, 13 different types of lemurs like the Indri Indri and Sifaka, as well as various other animals such as rodents, freshwater fish, mollusks, and arthropods.


The Mananara Nord Park is home to 764 species of primary forests, including 23 endemic palm tree species and 114 marine flora species. Visitors can engage in activities such as exploring the park’s diverse flora and fauna, including 66 rubiaceae and 47 arecacea species. Additionally, there are opportunities for experiencing the natural beauty through activities like bird-watching or hiking.

During your stay at Mananara Nord, don’t miss out on the best spots. Some activities to consider include exploring the diverse range of plant species and engaging in nature-oriented pursuits such as bird-watching or trekking through the lush forest paths.

A short boat trip on the Mananara Nord river

Cruise along the river and admire the plantations and villages from your boat. Enjoy a beautiful excursion as you journey through the Analanjirofo region, eventually reaching the Indian Ocean at Mananara Nord. The river serves as a transportation route and is also a popular tourist attraction.

Exploring plantations

The Mananara region, with its humid tropical climate, is perfect for growing exotic fruits, spices, and aromatic plants. The main focus of the people here is on cultivating vanilla, cloves, papayas, pepper, and sugarcane. Tourists can enjoy strolling through the numerous plantations where they can observe locals going about their daily activities. Some of these plantations can even be found in the forest and offer a remarkable landscape during harvest time.

Exploring the islets of Mananara Nord Biosphere Reserve

In Mananara Nord National Park, there are many attractions to explore. Visitors can discover stunning landscapes, rock formations, and waterfalls in the reserve. They can also visit a part of the protected area, a marine park with a coral reef that supports a diverse ecosystem of unique animal species. The marine park is home to three submerged islets and clear waters, making it a must-see destination.

One of the largest islets is Nosy Antafana where camping near a water source is possible. Another one, Nosy Rangotsy offers an extraordinary landscape with its mangroves. For snorkeling enthusiasts, Nosy Hely provides an excellent spot to indulge in this activity.

Accommodation and dining establishments

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Natiora Green Lodge offers beautiful sea views from its terraces and a private beach for guests to enjoy. The accommodation includes independent units with private entrances and bathrooms, while the family units also feature a kitchenette equipped with essential amenities. Guests can request relaxing massages for an additional fee and take advantage of the optional continental breakfast served every morning. The lodge also provides facilities such as a bar, common lounge, laundry service, and a restaurant offering special dietary menus.

Surrounded by a 6-hectare park, Natiora Green Lodge is an ideal spot for various activities including fishing, hiking, and cycling. Bicycles are available for rent to explore the surroundings easily. With free Wi-Fi in common areas and complimentary parking, guests can make the most of their stay without any hassle.

The lodge’s serene location on Île Sainte-Marie in Madagascar creates the perfect setting for a peaceful retreat or adventurous getaway. Whether it’s enjoying the stunning ocean vistas or engaging in outdoor activities, Natiora Green Lodge provides a delightful experience for all kinds of travelers seeking relaxation or exploration.

Romantic Beach Getaway

Idylle Beach is located on the northeast coast of Madagascar, specifically on Sainte-Marie Island. This hotel has a restaurant and a beachfront bar. The rooms have a bed with a mosquito net and a balcony with views of the Indian Ocean. They are all air-conditioned and equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV, wardrobe, and tea/coffee making facilities.

The town of Ambodifotatra is just 200 meters away, and there’s an airport shuttle service available upon request for an additional fee. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, while the bar serves delicious cocktails. Guests can take leisurely walks along the beach or enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean. Additionally, the hotel features a library and free Wi-Fi in common areas.

Address: BP 32 Bis, 515 Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar.

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