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malagasy countryside

Exploring the beauty of malagasy countryside: landscapes, architecture, and activities

Exploring the beauty of the Malagasy countryside

The Malagasy countryside is known for its traditional infrastructure, diverse landscapes, and agricultural livelihoods. Many people in Madagascar make a living through farming and animal husbandry. The countryside features expansive rice fields, basic crops like cloves and coffee, as well as varied topography including lush hillsides dominated by the Ravinala tree or savannahs spread across valleys and hills. Additionally, there are regions with rocky mountains that prevail.

In different parts of Madagascar, the countryside offers distinct scenery ranging from dense forests in the east to rocky terrain in the south. The eastern landscape includes virgin forests with palm trees, rivers, and beautiful coastlines. In contrast, the southern region is characterized by an abundance of rocks and volcanic formations but still possesses striking relief. Moving inland to the central area reveals a verdant landscape adorned with trees and occasional dense forest cover alongside somewhat rugged roads. Traditional houses made from natural materials like palm leaves or reeds are common throughout these coastal areas.

Each region also boasts unique traditional housing structures: earth or brick houses with tiled or thatched roofs dominate the central region whereas dwellings made from reed stand on stilts in northern areas while square-shaped vegetal homes can be found in southern Madagascar—each offering varying degrees of waterproofing and durability.

Activities for Everyone

The coastal residents rely on fishing for their livelihood, but they also benefit from ecotourism. They engage in agricultural activities such as cultivating cloves, spices, cinnamon, lychees, and bananas. In the central countryside, people mainly grow rice as a staple food, with regions like Antsirabe and Itasy being significant producers of rice.

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