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Top Activities

No matter where you go in Madagascar, there’s always something to do. Whether it’s admiring breathtaking landscapes, catching a unique sunset among the baobab trees or at Isalo window, hiking through mountains and forests, surfing massive waves at Mahambo, diving to see underwater marvels, or simply swimming in turquoise waters. You can also join festivals like Madajazzcar, the whale festival, donia festival and UTOP sports festival if you’re into music and culture.

Baobab Alley Stroll

A beautiful walk along the pathways of ancient baobab trees, sacred giants standing 30 to 40 meters tall and over 8000 years old. They form a breathtaking alley along the roadside, especially stunning at sunset.

Riding the waves in Mahambo

Ride the amazing waves at Mahambo and explore the fishers’ villages. Enjoy a beautiful white sandy beach in a hot and humid climate with lush vegetation.

Sunset at Mont Passo

– Enjoy a stunning 360° view of exceptional biodiversity and sacred crater lakes.
– Capture beautiful sunset photos at Mont Passo Diego.
– Witness a breathtaking landscape and rare endemic freshwater fish.

Exploring Nosy be Underwater

Madagascar’s coasts and beaches are perfect for diving and observing marine life. Explore the deep waters of Nosy Be and Tuléar, starting with snorkeling if you’re new to diving.

Join the Donia festival

The Donia festival in Nosy Be is perfect for music and party lovers. It brings together sports and cultural activities from all over the country for five days. It promises a vibrant atmosphere and magical moments.

Whale Festival: A Celebration of Whales

The whale festival is a time to watch the beautiful dances of the whales and experience cultural activities. It happens every year on Ste Marie Island when the whales pass by between July and August.

Madajazzcar Festival: Simplified English Explanation

The jazz music festival in Madagascar is a must-see event for music lovers. It brings together international musicians from the Indian Ocean, France, Germany, Switzerland, Africa, and Asia who are passionate about jazz. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, this festival caters to all jazz enthusiasts. With its diverse lineup of performers, it promises a unique and vibrant musical experience that shouldn’t be missed while visiting the island.

Join the Baobab Fosa Festival

A lively carnival celebrates the culture and biodiversity of the Menabe region, showcasing baobabs and endemic animals like the Fosa. The festival spans two days and includes both sports and cultural activities.

Join the highlands of the Ultra Trail

The RHUT or Reaching the highlands of the Ultra Trail, also known as the Trail of a Thousand Smiles, is an international sports event held in Madagascar. Participants can choose from various race distances, including 12km, 35km, 70km, and 126km.

This event offers the opportunity to explore Madagascar’s wildlife, flora, biodiversity, and landscapes while engaging in activities such as Nordic walking and hiking along the trails of tropical forests.

Swimming and relaxation

Madagascar’s most beautiful beaches remain wild, with fine sandy shores and crystal-clear turquoise water. The tropical climate makes them perfect for swimming and diving almost all year round.

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