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Varanga Sakafo Malagasy

Exploring the Delicacy of Varanga: Traditional Malagasy Culinary Art

Malagasy cuisine offers a unique dish known as “varanga”, featuring crispy zebu meat served with red rice. This meal showcases the complexity of Malagasy culinary art, emphasizing the use of zebu fillet as its main ingredient. Unlike more widely recognized Malagasy dishes, varanga is less popular among locals, adding to its mystique and intrigue.

Varanga recipe and preparation

Preparing varanga can be a bit tedious. The meat needs to be cut and cooked in a pot, then shredded or the fibers removed carefully, before being sautéed in oil. Back in the day, it was cooked for two days and one night to tenderize it, using a large pot over a wood fire with no water, only zebu fat. This dish is considered a traditional Malagasy meal of the Antandroy people, who are known for consuming a lot of zebu meat due to their large cattle herds. While now considered a luxury dish served mainly in top restaurants in the capital city, some Malagasy still prepare it at home occasionally.

Varanga is typically eaten as part of the main course during lunch or dinner.

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