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Unraveling the Enigma of Toxic Flame Runner

Unraveling the Enigma of Toxic Flame Runner: Who is this Love-Avoidant Twin Flame?

The runner and the chaser are two halves of a twin flame couple. The runner is the one who tries to escape, while the chaser is the one who pursues. Twin flames are often confused with soulmates, but they’re not the same. Twin flames are actually one soul that has been split into two opposite parts, one representing feminine energy and the other representing masculine energy.

Soulmates, on the other hand, are two different souls from the same soul family who made a pact to reunite before being reincarnated in this world. A twin flame is destined to be your romantic partner, while a soulmate may or may not be someone you fall in love with.

The connection with your twin flame is an unconditional love that no one else can understand. When twin flames meet, they quickly begin a romantic relationship, though both people may not fully comprehend what’s happening between them.

Are you in a twin flame relationship?

If you want to figure out if you’ve met your twin flame or are in a twin flame relationship, look for these signs:

– The love between you is inexplicable.
– Despite having opposite personalities, you complement each other.
– You have separated one or more times.
– One person tries to save the relationship while the other tries to destroy it.
– Being with this person brings up old emotional wounds.
– There’s a strong emotional connection between you.
– You can understand each other without speaking.
– One or both of you has developed obsessive behavior.
– When you met, it felt like you had known each other forever.
– Each of you mirrors the behavior of the other (mirror effect).
– Your worst character traits have been revealed since being together.

Are you the chaser or the runner?

If you’re in a twin flame relationship, you might be the chaser or the runner. As the chaser, you work hard to stay connected and make peace with your twin flame. You always want to save the relationship and feel like life wouldn’t have meaning without them. If you’re the runner, you often find excuses to avoid seeing your twin flame. You may feel unworthy of their love and fear the strong connection between you two, causing you to run away out of fear of getting too close.

How does the game between the runner and the chaser work?

The love relationship between twin flames is intense and complex. It is marked by agitation, disputes, and ego games. This dynamic brings up old wounds, which becomes an asset for each twin flame as they use them to hurt each other even more. Eventually, the tensions become too much and one of them flees. The one who runs away wants to create distance from their twin flame. First, they create emotional and psychological distance, and eventually they leave completely.

Interestingly, it might seem like the chaser is the one who is hurt by this separation but that’s not the case. The chaser is actually the mature part of the soul, while the runner is the immature part. The chaser knows that the romantic relationship is meant to be and doesn’t worry about a future reunion because they are sure it will happen.

On the other hand, the runner suffers more because they are in limbo. They don’t know if they turned their back on their true love or if they will find a connection like that again with someone else. Gradually, they realize that such love isn’t possible with anyone else. In contrast, the chaser eagerly awaits a reunion!

The role of the runner involves performing specific tasks

The runner seems unaware of the love they feel and tries to avoid the journey with their soulmate. They create barriers in the relationship, refuse to nurture the special connection, and divert from the shared path. This behavior is known as the dark night of the soul when they seek to escape their romantic destiny.

In this dynamic, the chaser’s role is to build and pursue a loving relationship with the runner. The chaser actively works towards fulfilling their destiny and finding happiness alongside their soulmate.

This love can feel like a rollercoaster or even a game of back-and-forth, where one person sends out affection while the other rejects it. It becomes a prolonged cycle with both parties playing their part.

Feelings get muddled and the relationship often turns toxic and unhealthy

The runner’s escape isn’t just about seduction. After the split, the runner keeps running while the chaser continues to pursue. The chaser tries hard to reconnect with their twin flame, refusing to let go. It’s a complex and toxic relationship, but also complementary and can bring positivity and love. The duration of the separation between twin flames varies, so it’s unclear how long it will last.

The runner’s feelings

The relationship between twin flames is incredibly intense but also frustrating. Both individuals long to be together, yet it’s complicated. The runner and the chaser have unresolved past wounds that cause them to lash out at each other. Each twin flame must undergo significant personal development work to build a healthy relationship. However, this process can be so draining that one of the twin flames chooses to sever ties, leading to separation followed by reunion. The runner no longer desires a relationship with the chaser, resulting in a mix of conflicting emotions.

The burden of fatalism is too hard to bear

When you feel like you’re meant to do something, it can seem like you’re being pushed into it. At the same time, you might also feel incomplete without that person. It’s a heavy burden to bear! When your soulmate needs your involvement, you might not be ready for it. This can make you feel overwhelmed, burdened, and even angry. The intensity of it all becomes too much, and you’re tired of feeling like fate or the universe is controlling your life.

The runner has a natural instinct to resist

The lack of willingness to accept fate inevitably leads to resistance. The journey of twin flames is full of challenges and is not for the faint-hearted. The urge to go against one’s instinct lasts a long time. The runner does not want to be pushed into anything, so the chaser needs to understand that they must give the runner time. However, their reunion is unavoidable in any case.

The runner is feeling anxious

When two opposite energies meet, one person is usually more dominant. This can lead to anxiety and a feeling of missing something when the two soulmates haven’t met yet. When they do meet, it creates inner tension as their relationship and lack of it affect them deeply.

Runner: When He Realizes His Fate

The runner eventually realizes they can’t keep running away from the complex nature of their love relationship. They’re tired of the problems, arguments, and complications that come with it, longing for something simpler and calmer. However, even as they flee the relationship, they can’t escape their twin flame. Separated, both feel unhappy and lost without each other. Sooner or later, the runner needs to reconnect with their chaser to survive because the destiny of twin flames is intertwined. Despite living separate lives for several years and having other relationships in between, they eventually learn that no one else completes them like their twin flame does.

No one can match the intensity and love of a twin flame!

During the separation, both partners try to forget each other and almost erase the memories. The runner feels comfortable during this time until they start missing their partner. Eventually, they realize that they cannot have a fulfilled and peaceful life with anyone else, so they feel the need to reconnect with their chaser. This awakening doesn’t happen overnight, as the separation between twin flames lasts a long time. When the runner realizes that only with their twin flame can they achieve the life they dream of, their perception of the situation changes completely.

How to tell if the runner is in the awakening phase?

When someone is wondering if their partner, known as the “runner,” is about to return, it can be difficult to know for sure. However, there are several signs that might indicate the runner’s impending return. These signs include a change in their perception of the world around them and a growing attraction to nature and animals. The runner may also become more self-reliant and focused on self-love while distancing themselves from others’ opinions. Additionally, they may display altruistic emotions for the first time, such as empathy and kindness, and appear ready for new experiences with an increased intuition.

Are Twin Flame Relationships Always Toxic?

The relationship between the runner and the chaser can be difficult. It’s important to ask yourself some key questions. Are you sure you’re not in an abusive relationship? It’s crucial to distinguish between normal couple conflicts and abuse, whether it’s psychological or physical. Are you overly dependent on this person? If you feel scared or manipulated, or if you don’t feel safe, it’s best to leave. The pain that comes from this kind of relationship stems from past emotional wounds. Remember, the separation between twin flames can last for years before they reunite.

Even though this breakup can be healing, it is also painful

The runner in a twin flame relationship struggles with their emotions and finds it hard to handle them, feeling unfaithful to themselves. They are not cowardly, selfish, or intentionally mean. For the relationship to work, both partners must confront and heal past emotional wounds while building a strong connection. This requires courage and self-awareness as they cannot erase their past or pain. Entering a romantic relationship with unresolved emotional trauma leads to an overwhelming explosion of emotions that the runner and chaser struggle to comprehend.

How is the relationship of twin flames formed?

Overcoming karma through the dance phase

The challenging phase of a twin flame relationship begins after being together for a while. During this time, accumulated negativity and deeper emotions come to the surface, allowing both individuals to reach higher energy levels. As they work through these emotions, their souls elevate spiritually, paving the way for them to ascend together towards happiness.

The Quarreling Phase

This stage brings many arguments and struggles. Every emotional wound, every negative aspect of each twin flame resurfaces. The twin flame reflects this like a mirror, making you believe it’s their fault when in reality, it’s yours. This is where the deep cleaning process begins.

Blame game phase

Each twin flame sees their own negativity and clutter in their counterpart. Deep fears and frustrations also come to the surface, leading them to blame each other. Surprisingly, this is exactly what they need to confront their inner turmoil and clear it away.

The runner and the chaser

The arguments and blame game cause confusion since the spiritual process is generally not understood by the consciousness. The runner tries to avoid their partner and escape the relationship, while the other twin flame becomes the chaser. The chaser, who is more spiritually inclined than the runner at a certain level, seeks to “chase” after the runner in an attempt to move on to the next stage of the relationship. This occurs when, consciously or unconsciously, the pursuer wants to overcome this difficult phase so that both can reunite. The chaser does not understand why the runner flees and feels deeply disoriented.

The meeting phase

It’s the phase of reunion.
When two souls come back together as one.
It’s like the souls reconnecting first, almost instinctively feeling each other’s call.
Then, they come together physically.
When both partners are aware of their reality and destiny, the reunion is certain.

The stage of unconditional love

The phase of “happily ever after” has arrived. Both twin flames are fully aware and spiritually enlightened at this moment. There is perfect love and harmony. They now appreciate their sacred love and intimacy, with the power to create anything they envision. The world truly becomes their canvas as they choose together how to paint it. At the end of their journey on Earth, they ascend together.

The runner doesn’t mean to hurt the chaser, but their emotions are overwhelming. They love the chaser, but past wounds haven’t healed. So they run away for years, but eventually, they reunite because the runner can’t live without their twin flame. Then begins a lot of work to build a healthy and intense love, free from toxic relationships.

– The runner unintentionally hurts the chaser due to overwhelming emotions.
– Despite loving the chaser, unresolved past wounds lead to running away for years.
– Eventually, reunion occurs as the runner cannot live without their twin flame.
– The focus then shifts to building a healthy and intense love devoid of toxic relationships.

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