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Unveiling the Rich Tradition of Hanim-pitoloha

Unveiling the Rich Tradition of Hanim-pitoloha: Royal Culinary Delights in Madagascar

Tatao or the 07 royal dishes: a real feast

The Hanim-pitoloha is a ceremonial dish served to royal guests during the New Year’s celebration. Over time, it has evolved into a set menu in high-end restaurants and is also served at parties. It can refer to the variety of dishes served on the table, usually comprising at least seven different preparations. This traditional feast represents abundance and hospitality, showcasing an array of culinary delights that delight the senses.

At its core, the Hanim-pitoloha consists of multiple preparations, typically featuring a minimum of seven varieties. It has become synonymous with grand feasts and elaborate meals, symbolizing generosity and culinary mastery.

Eel with pork:

The eel needs to be prepared before cooking. It is cooked together with pork and served with a simple tomato sauce, onions, garlic, and ginger according to taste. This slow-cooked dish goes well with rice.

The winning photo


The simple way to prepare the gana ritra is by cooking it in a pot until it’s done. You can add spices for extra flavor if you like. If you don’t have duck, you can use turkey or pork instead. It’s prepared in the same way as duck, but mixed with pork meat.

Varanga Island: Subtitle Rephrased

The varanga is a traditional Malagasy dish made with shredded and fried zebu meat, cooked in salted water. It is served with rice and is very delicious.

The title source “Hen’omby sy tsaramaso” can be simplified as “Cattle and Rice Fields

It’s zebu meat cooked with white beans.

Hen’omby ritra translated in English is “The Zebu Portrait

The Hen’omby ritra is made with zebu meat cooked slowly with garlic and ginger. It’s a flavorful dish that brings out the rich taste of the zebu meat through simmering with garlic and ginger.

Traditional Malagasy Meat and Leaf Stew

Romazava is a type of soup made with mafana leaves, zebu or chicken meat, and flavored with broth.

Pork with dried cassava leaves

The favorite dish of Malagasy people is a savory stew made with fresh cassava leaves, pork, garlic, and a touch of sugar. The ingredients are simmered together until tender and flavorful. Even though it’s a bit greasy, the dish is incredibly delicious. It’s typically served with tomato rougail and either white or red rice.

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