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Revealing the mystery of the Twelve Sacred Imerina Hills in Madagascar

The Twelve Sacred Hills of Imerina

The twelve sacred hills from the time of Andriamasinavalona to the reign of Ranavalona III were Analamanga, Ambohidrabiby, Alasora, Imerimanjaka, Antongona, Antsahadinta, Ambohimanga, Ilafy, Namehana-Ambohidratrimo, Amboantany, Ambohijoky and Ikaloy.

The Sacred Hills in the North

The former summer residence of the Merina kings is located 10 kilometers north of the capital city, at an altitude of 1,350 meters. It is known for its royal wooden house, which houses various ancient objects and a collection of ethnographic photographs. This historical site offers insight into the lives and traditions of the region’s royalty through its artifacts and imagery.

The sacred hills in the south

The wooded hill, rising to 1,400 m, overlooks Sisaony Valley. The village, established around 1725, is built on three terraces connected by stairs. The modern town has moved down to the plain near the road.

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