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RN7 from Antananarivo to Tuléar Madagascar

Unveiling the Boucle du Sud: Exploring the RN7 from Antananarivo to Tuléar

Embark on an adventure by doing the Southern Loop of Madagascar

Leaving Tana after visiting the Queen’s Palace

Begin the journey south from Antsirabe

Leaving from Antsirabe, don’t forget to admire this authentic city that reflects the colonial era. Take a moment to enjoy the hot springs and soak in the beautiful landscape of Betafo with its vast rice fields. As you journey through, marvel at the unique highland houses and the diverse shapes of the rice paddies.

Conducting a descent on the Tsiribihina river

When taking the southern route, don’t forget to visit Tsiribihina River. It has sandy banks and is home to herons, ducks, and other birds.

Sunset over the baobab alleys

You have to see the sunset while passing through the Baobab Alley in Morondava, admire the Bottle Baobabs, and take a tour of the authentic city of Morondava along the way.

Exploring the Tsingy de Bemaraha and Isalo

The Tsingy and Bemaraha National Park are must-see attractions in Madagascar. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Kirindy Forest National Park, Anja Reserve, and Isalo National Park to encounter the unique wildlife and plant life that can only be found in Madagascar. You’ll have the chance to see rare vegetation, various bird species, lemurs, and even crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Exploring Anakao Island and Nosy Ve

When visiting the beautiful Nosy Ve, don’t miss the chance to admire its stunning clear waters and sandy beach. Bring along your diving gear to explore the marine landscape and meet local fishermen and villagers with unique cultures. Additionally, make sure to stop by Belo Sur Mer to appreciate another lovely beach and discover the town known for building sturdy sailing vessels called “boutres.

Exploring Cities through a Different Route

Ifaty is a must-see beach destination with a stunning lagoon and coral reef. The turquoise waters and exceptional marine life make it an ideal spot for relaxation and exploration.

Tuléar, the vibrant city known for its pleasantly warm weather, offers a diverse cultural experience with influences from Asian and Indian communities. Visitors can explore numerous museums and the mangrove forests while enjoying the city’s unique atmosphere.

Andavadaoka boasts an authentic and picturesque beach along the Mozambique Channel, surrounded by ancient baobab trees and filao forests. It’s a serene location to unwind and appreciate Madagascar’s natural beauty.

Isalo, home to the Manazava canyon, resembles scenes from western movies with its breathtaking landscapes. Travelers can immerse themselves in nature by visiting blue and black pools, as well as cascades that offer natural swimming opportunities.

In Morombe, visitors can admire diverse landscapes while experiencing the local cultures of various ethnic groups such as Vezo, Sakalava, Antanosy, and Antandroy. A journey through the Mikéa forest adds another layer of discovery to this enriching experience.

A visit to Ambositra provides insight into Malagasy artisans’ skills in arts and crafts. This town allows tourists to appreciate their craftsmanship while learning about their way of life firsthand.

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