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RN4 the Northern Circuit of Madagascar

Unveiling the Northern Circuit of Madagascar: Your Ideal Vacation Destination for Adventure and Culture

A route connecting Antananarivo to the northern part of the island: RN4

Exploring the North of Madagascar is both thrilling and delightful. The journey unveils the stunning Northern landscape, beginning with a visit to Maevatanna, known as the hottest city in Madagascar with an annual temperature reaching up to 40°C. It marks the boundary between the highlands and the coastal plain. Passing through the Betsiboka Bridge and Kamoro Bridge adds an adventurous touch to this experience.

Exploring the North on National Road N°4: What to See?

Exploring Ankarafantsika National Park

Ankarafantsika National Park in Madagascar is home to a dense forest with many unique and rare species. The park’s diverse flora and fauna thrive on its sandy terrain, making it a haven for wildlife not found elsewhere. Visitors can explore the Raphia workshop and see palm-made crafts, as well as traverse the secondary forest dominated by crocodile trees and majestic baobabs.

The famous Ankarokaroka lavakas, formed by massive erosion, offer a surreal lunar landscape worth admiring. In addition to these natural wonders, visitors can marvel at impressive viewpoints of the lake and encounter extraordinary Pachypodium plants with yellow flowers in sandy areas. The park also features a captivating water bird circuit where one can spot various avian species including fish eagles, herons, ibises, and more.

Exploring the city of Mahajanga

Majunga is a beautiful city in Madagascar with stunning beaches and a prominent baobab tree at its center. It is a popular vacation spot for locals, known for its cosmopolitan population, colonial architecture, and remnants of Arab trading posts. The city’s diverse inhabitants include Comorians, Chinese, French, Indians, and Malagasy people.

Some of the top attractions in Majunga include the white sandy beaches such as Grand Pavois, Amborovy Village, Ampazony, and Ampasindava. The nearby Red Circus features unique rock formations carved by water and wind erosion in striking shades of red, ochre, and pastel. A sacred lake called Magatsa lies 18 kilometers from the city center and is revered by the Sakalava people.

For those who enjoy exploring nature farther afield, Anjohibe Caves offer an opportunity to witness limestone formations within a speleological site located 80 kilometers from the city. Here visitors can discover natural pools like Lake Andranojoby, waterfalls, and a small forest that is home to lemurs.

Exploring the small islands like Katsepy from the lighthouse viewpoint

Head towards Antsohihy and explore the longest bridge in Madagascar that spans over the Sofia River. It’s a hidden gem of Mahajanga, offering a paradise-like landscape with unique animal and plant species. This village by the Indian Ocean is situated at the mouth of the river and Mozambique Channel, on a small island accessible by ferry. Katsepy village boasts beautiful must-see sites including the Blue Circus, displaying 18 layers of colorful sedimentary rock, and the active 1900-built lighthouse with stunning views of Bombetoka Bay from its 174 steps. Nearby, Antrema protected area showcases diverse environments like humid forests, dry forests, a marine park, mangroves, and surrounding lakes teeming with endemic plant and animal species.

Exploring multiple national parks

The Ankarana National Park offers hiking opportunities and various other activities. Explore the lush tropical vegetation and diverse wildlife at the Montagne D’Ambre National Park, which reaches a height of 1475m. You can also witness beautiful waterfalls and endemic plant species such as orchids and ferns.

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