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Understanding Masculine Energy in Soul Mate Relationships

Understanding Masculine Energy in Soul Mate Relationships: Key Insights

The phases of a man’s soulmate are different from the usual stages that two soulmates go through together. In every soul union, there is a male and a female soul. A soulmate is someone you feel connected to on four different levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You may have other partners in life, but you can only connect with your soulmate on all these levels.

With others, it may work at one or two levels, but those relationships will never be complete. You can’t let go of your soulmate like other partners in your life. No matter how many times you separate, you will always find your way back to each other and be together again.

A common belief about soulmates is that they are essentially the same person in two different bodies or mirror souls. Your own soul will always seek its other half on Earth. However, your soulmate doesn’t always have to be your romantic partner, although it often is.

When we talk about soulmates and their relationship, we usually overlook gender because it makes little or no difference in the vast majority of cases. After all, we all carry both feminine and masculine energies within us.

But there are differences that set the female soulmate apart from the male soulmate.

The spiritual masculine energy in the twin flame soul

People have different qualities, character traits, and emotions. In every soulmate relationship, there is a clarifier of emotions and a liberator. The liberator usually holds masculine energy. When the soulmate wants to let go, the feminine soul suffers, while the masculine soul suffers when its feelings are not understood. It’s important to pay attention to the feelings of the masculine soulmate.

When balanced in a relationship, masculine energy creates new life and sparks creativity, new projects, and ventures. The masculine energy encourages taking risks and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. It embodies action and power through analytical thinking, rational ideas, and strong actions.

Masculine energy is associated with the sun and fire, which can lead to easier outbursts when angry if not balanced. A balanced masculine energy in a relationship brings about feelings of power, self-esteem, confidence, enthusiasm, and spontaneity.

Therefore it’s essential for the male soulmate to work on balancing emotions and energy for personal growth.

The stages of the male soulmate

Male soulmates can become distant at certain stages of their relationship, often during phases 3, 4, and 7 of the soulmate process. This distancing may lead to conflicts and make one wonder if the relationship is in trouble. However, there’s a simple explanation for this behavior: men tend to close off their emotions because they see them as a sign of vulnerability. They struggle with negative and honest feelings, making it hard for them to be open about their emotions even when their soulmate understands what they are going through. The male soulmate simply needs support to navigate through different stages of the relationship.

In relational psychology, there’s a concept called the hero instinct. This idea suggests that men often have an instinct to protect their female soulmates and want to feel like heroes. Women can trigger this biological instinct in men by allowing them space to showcase their heroic instincts, and both parties will feel better as a result. It doesn’t mean that the female soulmate has to be completely dependent on the man, but rather that men appreciate feeling needed at times and enjoy providing support when it is requested. Just like the female soulmate, the male soulmate also needs support. The sexual connection between soulmates is powerful, so it’s important to embrace and sometimes let the male soulmate take the lead.

In any long-term partnership, there will be times when you and your partner may separate, even though the connection is meant to last. When a breakup happens in a soulmate relationship, it’s common for one person to be blamed, but both parties may contribute to the situation. The person who distances themselves (the runner or chaser) might do so because they need spiritual growth and are not ready for the relationship. However, this doesn’t mean they are solely responsible for the breakup. It takes two people to form and end a soulmate union. If you’re going through a breakup with your soulmate right now, it could be an opportunity for both of you to continue growing spiritually.

The society has a toxic and inaccurate view of men, saying they shouldn’t show emotion and must always be strong. This harmful stereotype can cause a man’s soulmate to drift away at times. Men’s soulmates often don’t express their feelings as openly as women’s soulmates do. It’s important for a person to show their male soulmate that they accept them with all their weaknesses and faults. This can make it easier for the male soulmate when they feel tired, sad, or less desired.

Male soulmates also want to be loved for logical reasons

Men want to feel loved for who they are, not just emotionally and spiritually. They want to be appreciated for the things they do and the effort they put into the relationship. Men show love through actions, like doing things for their partner or being there when needed. They may not express it with romantic words, but they want their efforts to be noticed and valued. Just like women, men also crave attention and appreciation in a relationship.

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