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Unveiling the majesty of the Queen's Window in isalo park

Exploring Isalo Park: the majesty of the Queen’s Window, unique landscapes and biodiversity

Isalo National Park: Simplifying the Subtitle

The Isalo National Park is located in the southern part of Madagascar, specifically in the province of Tulear and the commune of Ranohira. It covers an area between 81,000 and 85,000 hectares and features breathtaking landscapes characterized by lush forests and naturally sculpted rock formations shaped by erosion.

As a vast area, the park is home to a diverse range of species.

The wildlife of Isalo

There are 77 bird species and 14 lemur species in the area. Some of the lemurs include the ring-tailed lemur, sifaka, and brown lemur.

The plant life of Isalo

The park has 400 species, and the forest is covered with “tapia,” which are fruits that feed the landibe silk caterpillar. Palm trees grow between the canyons, along with some types of euphorbias and Pachypodium aloes.

Fun Things to Do

You’ll find many different trails to explore at Isalo National Park. The park offers a variety of hiking circuits for visitors to enjoy.

Hiking or trekking:

Activities are done among the granite rocks. You can watch the sunset near the Isalo Queen and see extraordinary natural architectures at Isalo Window.

Mountain Biking: Setting Off on a Cycling Adventure

Explore the park’s trails to see the landscapes from a different perspective.

Exploring the canyons:

Hike for 2 hours to cross a stunning turquoise water cascade. Enjoy breathtaking views of rice fields and cliffs during this short excursion.

Exploring the Bara Tombs:

– Explore the Bara people’s culture, including tombs in rock formations.
– Visit the natural pool in Isalo.

The natural pool:

When you visit Namaza Canyon, you’ll see a gorgeous view of the forest, waterfalls, and natural pools.

Exploring the Portuguese Cave: Tour Experience

The Portuguese created a natural refuge around the 16th century. It takes 4 to 7 days of walking from the park entrance to get there.

The top hotels in Isalo

Isalo Rock Lodge: Simplified and Essential Information

The L’isalo Rock Lodge offers spacious rooms with air conditioning, minibars, and free wifi. It has a concierge, room service, a pool, and free parking – perfect for relaxing after a hard day.

The King’s Garden

Le Jardin Du Roy is a hotel with air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary parking. Guests can relax by the pool and enjoy a complimentary breakfast. The hotel also offers concierge services to assist visitors. Additionally, it’s conveniently located near popular attractions such as Isalo, allowing guests to easily explore the surrounding areas.

Comfortable Accommodation at Satrana Lodge

Located in front of the famous Isalo massif and 7 km from Ranohira village, Satrana Lodge offers a variety of accommodation options. The lodge features 10 twin bungalows, 20 double bungalows, 4 suites for two people, and 3 suites for three people. The bungalows are made from wood, thatch, and thick canvas, with well-equipped bathrooms. Guests can also enjoy a reading or TV lounge on the premises.

The lodge includes a restaurant and bar by the poolside where guests can dine and relax. For those with early tours or excursions, breakfast can be served in their rooms upon request. With its picturesque location and comfortable amenities, Satrana Lodge provides a relaxing retreat for visitors exploring the stunning surroundings of Isalo.

Queen’s Relay

The hotel is amazing, with delicious food and well-maintained rooms. The staff is friendly and welcoming.

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