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Mahambo: Adventure and the joys of surfing in the serenity of nature

What to do in Mahambo?

It’s a village with traditional houses made of Ravinala leaves. The village is quiet and authentic, blending into the preserved nature.

Geographical location of Mahambo

Mahambo is a village in the Tamatave province, near Foulpointe in the northeastern part of Madagascar. It’s known for its beautiful beach and famous wave that attracts surfers. The village is also surrounded by a dense forest along the coast.

Must-Do Activities in Mahambo

Exploring nature, beach relaxation

Upon arriving in Mahambo, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. You can take in the lush green scenery, stroll along the beautiful beach, and explore the surrounding forests on foot. Whether you prefer a leisurely meal at a luxurious hotel or want to sample local specialties at more modest accommodations, you’ll have plenty of options. Don’t miss out on the delicious seafood including shrimp, prawns, lobsters, and various types of fish.

After a relaxing lunch, you can take a short nap before heading back to the beach for a swim and some pontoon jumping. In the evening, treat yourself to a satisfying dinner featuring regional specialties such as succulent lobsters. Finish off your meal with a dessert made from seasonal local fruits like apple-cinnamon. And last but not least, make sure to try some of the local rum for an authentic taste of Mahambo’s culture.

Riding the beautiful waves of Mahambo

Mahambo is a popular spot for surfing. There’s a surf school that offers lessons to both kids and adults, allowing everyone to enjoy the waves. Experienced surfers can also take advantage of the great waves at their own pace. The Summer Session Surfing School has been operating since 2003 and provides various options for those interested in surfing, whether they want to become professionals or just have fun. The lessons are held at Baie Maxime beach all year round, with Fred as the coach, who used to teach at the RAGLAN SURFING SCHOOL in New Zealand.

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