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Exploring the Music Scene of Madagascar: Madajazzcar and the Unique Sounds

Madajazzcar is an annual jazz music festival held in the capital city. The event brings together jazz music enthusiasts and professionals from the country and around the world. It is a cultural institution that showcases the unique and rhythmic style of jazz from the country. The festival is known for its originality and serves as a significant platform for both local and international jazz talents to converge.

When in the year?

The annual Jazz festival in Antananarivo, usually held in October, started as a local concert and grew to become an international event with the participation of jazz musicians from around the world.

Madajazzcar music genre?

A variety of jazz music styles like modern jazz, folk, vocal jazz, ethnic jazz, and gospel are showcased by about 40 artists from around the world. They perform in different venues across the city to introduce their melodies and talents to the audience. The performances can be enjoyed at locations such as Antsahamanitra, outdoors at Antaninarenina garden or Andohalo. The shows take place at various venues including Kudéta or café de la gare, Carlton Anosy, Lycée Français, and Alliance Française.

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