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Unveiling of the enchanting island of nattes humpback whale sanctuary

Island of Nattes: Unraveling the Magnificent Humpback Whale Sanctuary and Breathtaking Coastal Activities

Ile aux Nattes: A lagoon with a beautiful white sandy beach and turquoise water


The Isle of Nattes is located at the southern tip of Sainte Marie Island in Ambodifotatra. It is a coral massif island with a very long, beautiful white sandy beach. The deserted island stretches 2.5km by 1.5km and is also known as Nosy Nato, offering an ideal paradise for relaxation and escape.

To reach the Isle of Nattes, one can take a decorated canoe or small boat as there are many available to transport visitors to the island. Upon arrival, guests are greeted warmly by the locals and can enjoy refreshing coconut juice while relaxing in the bungalows. The island remains natural and undeveloped, lacking electricity and infrastructure.

Visitors have the opportunity to take a stroll around the island and embrace its pristine beauty.

Landscape: Rewording the subtitle in simple English

The landscape of L’îles aux nattes is breathtaking, with wild flora and fauna. The architecture and small houses are beautiful, surrounded by different plants and endemic animals such as lemurs, birds, and orchids.

The Beach:

The beautiful and deserted island of Île aux Nattes features a pristine white sandy beach and crystal-clear, translucent water that is perfect for swimming in the late afternoon. The water temperature remains pleasant year-round, and the climate is consistently enjoyable.

The Dive:

To explore the underwater world and see amazing marine life, you can go diving with a mask, snorkel, and flippers. This lets you discover the diverse aquatic plants and animals beneath the surface. Diving at Ile aux Nattes feels like going on a treasure hunt in a reef less than twenty meters deep. The goal is to search for hidden treasures among the rocks, such as stingrays and encounter other creatures like lobsters, sea turtles, and reef sharks if you’re lucky.

Water Activities:

For sports enthusiasts, the island of Îles aux Nattes is an excellent destination for various water sports. With a barrier that stretches over 2 kilometers, visitors can enjoy activities such as water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and paddleboarding. Additionally, kite surfing is also popular among the more adventurous athletes.

Fishing in all its forms is another highlight of the island. Visitors can experience the joy of discovering a diverse range of fish species and may rent boats equipped with complete fishing gear to fully enjoy this activity.

The humpback whales

Humpback whales are impressive marine animals that can grow to be 14 to 17 meters long and weigh up to 40 tons. They are easily recognizable by their black topsides and whitish undersides, as well as the distinctive tubercles on their heads. These whales surface regularly to release air from their lungs in a geyser-like spray, accompanied by the appearance of a famous hump on their backs. From June to September, humpback whales engage in captivating mating rituals, including breaching, vertical headstands, and slapping the water with their flippers. This behavior makes them an incredible sight for spectators.

Trekking: The Essential Guide

To fully appreciate the stunning scenery of the island, you shouldn’t miss out on trekking. It’s a great way to combine exercise with enjoyment. You can stay active while delighting in the sight of native animals and plants, as well as coconut plantations.

The Pirates’ Graveyard

The Pirate Cemetery and the Isle of Outlaws were a haven for sea robbers for 200 years. Over a thousand privateers lived there. The Pirate Cemetery, also known as Saint Pierre Cemetery, is located across from Madame Island, near the first church in Madagascar and the Isle of Outlaws. It holds the graves of buccaneers, privateers, pirates, and other traders who spent their last days on this island. Visitors can learn about its history on-site.

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