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The Fosa festival Madagascar

The Fosa festival: an insider’s guide to the Menabe region, Madagascar

Join a tourism and cultural festival in Menabe: Baobab-Fosa

The Fosa Festival is a recent event held in the Menabe region. It aims to showcase the tourism, culture, and biodiversity of Madagascar.

The Advantages of the Menabe Region

The Menabe region is a popular tourist destination with iconic attractions like the Baobab Alley, Tsingy de Bemaraha, and the beautiful Kimony beach in Morondava. It’s also home to Kirindy Forest, where Fosa and other endemic lemur species live. The Fosa is a large carnivore with a long tail that measures up to 140cm and can live for over 15 years.

The Menabe Festival aims to showcase the cultural and tourist products of the region, focusing on its potential attractions such as baobabs and Fosa. This event emphasizes the importance of protecting the region’s biodiversity.

During this festival, artists from the region and abroad come together for cultural performances, music, dance, and carnival celebrations. It’s not just about festivities but also an opportunity for organizations like ONG Fanamby, DURRELL, MNP, WWF to promote sustainable tourism to the local community.

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