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Pangalanes Canal Madagascar

Navigating the Pangalanes Canal: An Adventure Guide to Remote River Exploration

Exploring the Pangalanes Canal in a Unique Way

The Pangalanes Canal is in the East of Madagascar. It was built in the 20th century and stretches for 700km from Toamasina to Farafangana.

Existing routes for crossing the Pangalanes Canal

There are plenty of routes for crossing the Pangalanes Canal.

Vatomandry: Redefining Essential Information

A trip to the Pangalane Canal circuit often starts from Vatomandry, a popular destination due to its proximity to the nearest beach from the capital. This makes it an attractive choice for a short seaside getaway. The journey typically begins in Tana, passing through Andasibe National Park for a few nights before heading to Vatomandry, located not far from Brickaville and about 155 kilometers away from Tamatave. Vatomandry boasts a port, a beautiful beach, and lush tropical forest perfect for exploring Madagascar’s unique wildlife and plant life. While swimming in the sea may be risky, taking a stroll along the Pangalane Canal is a definite highlight of the experience.

Tamatave to Vatomandry:

The circuit includes a visit to Ivoloina Park in Tamatave, then a trip down the Pangalane Canal, passing through Akanin’ny nofy and visiting the private reserve of Palmarium. After that, it goes to Manambato to see Lake Rasoabe before reaching Ambila Lemaitso, a popular beach site from the colonial era.

Ambila Lemaitso: Information in Basic English

Ambila Lemaitso is a small village on the East coast of Madagascar. It’s accessible by road but the route is quite rough. Crossing Pangalane Canal is a more convenient way to reach Ambila Lemaitso. This fishing village offers plenty of souvenirs for visitors to take home.

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