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RN2 Antananarivo to Tamatave Madagascar

Exploring the Biodiversity of Eastern Madagascar: A Tourist Circuit

The road from Antananarivo to Tamatave: RN2

The RN2 is the road that goes from the capital to the province of Toamasina in the east of Madagascar. It’s one of the best tourist routes in Madagascar, with beautiful landscapes and attractions.

The Eastern circuit is abundant in biodiversity and scenic landscapes

The eastern part of Madagascar is covered in untouched forests, allowing for the observation of Malagasy wildlife and plants. The journey begins in Antanarivo by car, with a visit to the Queen’s Palace as a must-see.

The circuit always includes Andasibe

A small town located 3 hours away from Tana is a gateway to the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. This area includes two protected areas: the Analamaozatra Special Reserve and the Mantadia National Park. Visitors can explore the unique wildlife and plant life in these parks, including endemic species, while encountering lemurs, chameleons, and various insects. Depending on the chosen route, travelers can choose to stay in the area for hours or days before continuing their journey.

Traveling through the town of Manambato

Upon arrival, you can explore the nature and biodiversity of Rasoabe Lake, where the sea and river meet. The town is a bit isolated with somewhat difficult access but offers an opportunity to discover this unique natural environment.

Toamasina City: A Brief Overview

The region is a dense forest area with various types of vegetation such as tree ferns, lichens, orchids, epiphytes, vines, and medicinal plants. It’s home to unique animals like nocturnal lemurs, frogs, and chameleons. Visitors can take a traditional boat ride on the Ivoloina River to meet local fishermen, discover rare plants like orchids, and go hiking. Exploring the Ivoloina National Park is also a must for nature enthusiasts seeking an authentic experience in Madagascar.

Exploring Foulpointe, a seaside resort

The tour can continue to Foulpointe, a charming coastal town with beautiful turquoise waters and fine sandy beaches. Although the beach may get crowded during holidays, it returns to its peaceful and tranquil state after the busy vacation periods.

Exploring the village of fishermen and artisans who craft baskets from raffia is an interesting cultural experience. The Manda du Roi Radama, built in 1822 amidst a Ravinala forest, is a significant historical site worth visiting.

Traversing the town of Mahambo

A stunning site offering an authentic beach with crystal-clear waters and fine white sand. Enjoy surfing the waves or learning to surf right there. From Mahambo, travel to Soanierana Ivongo to reach Sainte Marie. Soanierana Ivongo serves as the embarkation point for Sainte Marie, also known as “the island of mats.

The historic island of Sainte Marie and its beautiful beaches

This city is located off the East coast of Madagascar and can only be reached by boat or plane. It’s an island with a rich history and plenty of legends to explore. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, including lush vegetation and authentic beaches with turquoise water and white sand. The historical sites are also worth a visit, and during July, there’s the opportunity to see whales up close.

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