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Nosy Iranja - Exotic Beach Paradise and Water Sports Haven Madagascar

Unveiling Nosy Iranja: Exotic Beach Paradise and Water Sports Haven

A turquoise sea and white sandy beach: Nosy Iranja

The place has two islands, one of which is private and a bit smaller. These islands are separated by a beautiful stretch of white sand. The sea is clear blue and peaceful, offering the chance to fully enjoy its beauty. Nosy Iranja comprises several archipelagos, including Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Ovy, Nosy Antany Mora, and Nosy Valhia. The waters are crystal clear with very fine white sand, a perfect setting to savor the sea’s offerings.

Activities to do in Nosy Iranja

Iranja’s Scuba Diving Experience

In a remote, deserted island known as the Turtle Island, thousands of green turtles travel to lay their eggs in large quantities. The island boasts exceptional beauty and is a nesting site for these turtles. Divers can explore legendary sites such as Greg Wall and the fish-rich drop-offs towards the Mozambique Channel.

At Roche Gaby, divers may encounter not only various fish but also sharks. The canyon features numerous big fish and gray reef sharks, offering an exciting diving experience. The West Wall of Iranja presents an abundance of fish swimming around a wide coral plateau, including sharks and other pelagic species.

The Southwest Wall offers sightings of sharks, rays, and plenty of fusiliers. Additionally, there are two arches with stunning gorgones where professional divers can venture into deeper waters. This secluded paradise provides an extraordinary diving experience for enthusiasts seeking encounters with diverse marine life in breathtaking underwater landscapes.

The catamaran or boat cruise:

The Nosy Iranja, also known as the Radames Archipelago, is only accessible through diving. It’s a great spot for a cruise to Mitsio as well, where you can encounter beautiful underwater architecture and discover shark nests at Nosy Antany Mora. The Cyclone Bank is a must-visit site for cruising and diving, offering the chance to observe tunas, groupers, and pelagic fish.

Exploring the Nosy Iranja or Radames Archipelago involves diving to see stunning underwater structures and encountering sharks at Nosy Antany Mora.
A cruise towards Mitsio offers opportunities to appreciate marine beauty while taking in the sights of various sites.
The Cyclone Bank presents an unmissable opportunity for combined cruising and diving experiences with the chance to observe diverse marine life such as tunas, groupers, and pelagic fish.

Exploring a Tropical Rainforest:

Take a stroll through a lush tropical forest, home to a diverse range of plant and animal life. Enjoy stunning views of two accessible islets with white sandy beaches.

Exploring Fishing Villages:

Explore the charming fishing villages, experience the daily activities of the fishermen and their families, and immerse yourself in the local culture. Discover a picturesque paradise beach with its pristine white sand and breathtaking natural beauty. Take in everything that nature has to offer while relaxing on this stunning coastline.

Accommodations and lodging

There are several hotels to choose from in Nosy Iranja, catering to different tastes and budgets. Here are some examples to give you an idea.

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This is a luxurious eco-lodge with free internet and complimentary breakfast. Guests can enjoy amenities such as canoeing, beach/pool towels, airport shuttle, mosquito nets, and full body massages. The comfortable rooms feature a private beach, a desk, a safe, extra-long beds, free toiletries, and housekeeping service. The hotel staff is proficient in English and French.

The Blue Hour: Exploring the Twilight Beauty

The hotel is a blend of tropical and paradise vibes with an eco-friendly design and Malagasy craftsmanship taking the forefront. It offers luxurious bungalows and lodges with a mix of modernity and a bohemian atmosphere.

Guests can enjoy the hotel’s pool, free parking, high-speed internet, a private beach, complimentary diving initiation, airport shuttle service, and a full body massage for all guests.

Tropical Bungalow: Simplified

The traditional Malagasy-style bungalows sit right by a beautiful white sandy beach with turquoise waters. The hotel provides free parking and a range of activities for the whole family, including kids. Guests can enjoy their own private beach and use the complimentary internet. The well-air-conditioned rooms come with a fridge, and room service is available. Additionally, there is a laundry service on offer for convenience.

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