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Exploring European Cuisine in Madagascar

Exploring European Cuisine in Madagascar: Unveiling the Culinary Delights of the Red Island

Top Restaurants Offering European Cuisine in Madagascar

– Many restaurants in Madagascar serve European cuisine.
– European cuisine is popular in Madagascar.

The “Varangue”: a unique outdoor space

Enjoy European cuisine at La Varangue restaurant. You can savor the dishes on the terrace, in the dining room, or in a private room. The menu features dishes made with fresh local ingredients based on the season. At lunchtime, you can opt for a complete meal: main course and gourmet coffee, main course and dessert, starter and main course, or starter, main course, and dessert.

The restaurant specializes in seafood dishes such as captain fish carpaccio with lemon oil, pan-seared fish fillet with flavored oil, and ocean fruits papillote with lemongrass perfume. In addition to seafood specialties, they also offer three-cooked foie gras with fresh vegetables and zucchini flan on an ocean fruit bed as appetizers.

Sakamanga Restaurant:

The Sakamanga offers a variety of French dishes, including seafood such as Mahajanga prawns and lobsters, seasonal local vegetables, local cheeses, world wines, and chocolate specialties. The restaurant provides a Malagasy ambiance for dining by the pool.

Kudeta restaurant caters to bistro enthusiasts with refined menu options featuring Mascarene spices. Dishes like Tataki beef, tomato mozzarella salad, two versions of veggie Poke bowls, duck leg confit, chili on carne, and a cheese specialty (duo of camembert and goat cheese) are available for takeaway or dine-in.

The Colbert pastry shop

This tea room is located in the city center and has a strong reputation. It specializes in French chocolate and uses cocoa from Ambanja. The menu includes a wide variety of sweet and savory treats such as croissants, pain au chocolat, apple turnovers, black forest cake, cream puffs, rum babas, pizza, and croque-monsieur. Its specialty is chocolate along with assorted ice creams and sorbets. Additionally, it offers various types of bread and sandwich bread in its bakery section.

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