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Tour of Madagascar

Unveiling the Epic Adventure: Tour de Madagascar | National Routes and Circuits

Madagascar Touring Circuits

Madagascar offers numerous touring circuits, each providing a unique insight into the island’s diverse cultures, landscapes, and biodiversity. The highlights of a Madagascar tour encompass encounters and discoveries of local peoples, cultures, landscapes, and the rich biodiversity. Individual preferences and tastes may vary, so the emphasis is on the strengths of each experience rather than perceived shortcomings.

Travel in Madagascar is an adventure in itself, utilizing a variety of transportation methods. From air travel to local transport options such as bush taxis, 4×4 vehicle rentals, cycling, hiking, canoeing across rivers, or even walking, every mode offers a distinct perspective of Madagascar. Depending on the level of detail one wishes to explore, a tour can span weeks, months, or even years.

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Malagasy Culture: The Southern Loop

The South is Madagascar’s most popular destination, offering a diverse and expansive landscape. Tour operators provide various circuits for exploring the Southern Loop, highlighting must-see sites for a comprehensive experience of the region.

Toamasina: The RN2 Highway

The RN2 is the main artery connecting the capital to Toamasina Province in the east. This route offers a rich tapestry of biodiversity and landscapes, as the eastern part of Madagascar is covered with largely untouched, pristine forests.

Majunga: The RN4 Highway

Heading north to Majunga offers both pleasure and adventure. This route reveals the northern landscape’s wonders, making it a favored holiday destination among Malagasy families.

When to Go: The Tana Circuits

The circuits around Antananarivo allow visitors to explore Madagascar’s history and eras. The capital boasts palaces, historical sites, tourist attractions, and national parks.

The Andasibe Circuit

Just three hours from the capital, Andasibe is perfect for a short stay in Antananarivo. It’s an essential circuit for those wanting to immerse themselves in Madagascar’s biodiversity and natural beauty.

Southern Madagascar: The Pangalanes Canal

Various circuits offer the chance to traverse the Pangalanes Canal, providing a unique journey along the rivers and an exceptional landscape, ensuring a complete change of scenery.

Navigating Madagascar’s National Highways

For a smooth and enjoyable journey, familiarizing oneself with Madagascar’s main national highways is crucial. The key highways include:

  • RN1: linking Antananarivo – Tsiroanimandidy via Arivonimamo, Miarinarivo. A distance of 149km.
  • RN 1a: Tsiroanimandidy- Maintirano
  • RN1 b: Analavory-Babetville -Tsiroanimandidy(94km)
  • RN2 :Antanarivo to Toamasina (367km) via Moramange, Brickaville
  • RN 3 :Antananarivo -Anjozorobe- Lac Alaotra(91km)
  • RN3a: Lac Alaotra – Andilamena (180km)
  • RN3b: Sambava – Andapa (106km)
  • RN4: Antananarivo Mahajanga via Maevatanana (570km)
  • RN5: Toamasina-Fenerive Est-Soanierana Ivongo-Mananara Nord-Maroantsetra
  • RN5a: Ambilobe-Vohemar- Ambava- Antalaha ( 406km)
  • RN6: Ambondromamy-Port Bergé-Antsohihy- Ambanja- Ambilobe-Antsiranana (706km)
  • RN7: Antananarivo-Antsirabe- Amnbositra-Ambohimahasoa- Fianarantsoa- Ambalavao-Ihosy-Sakaraha-Toliara (956km)
  • RN8: Morondava-Belo Tsiribihina- Bekopaka (198 km)
  • RN8 a : Maintirano -Antsalova(119km)
  • RN9: Toliara-Bevoay-Manja-Morondava-Mandabe (382km)
  • RN10: Andranovory-Betioky-Ampanihy-Beloha-Tsihombe-Ambovombe (512km)
  • RN 11: Mananjary -Nosy Varika ( 103km)
  • RN 11a: Antsampanana-Vatomandry-Ilaka Est- Mahanoro (125km)
  • RN12: Irongo-Manakara-Vohipeno- Farafangana- Vaingandrano (256km)
  • RN12 a : Tolagnaro- Manantenina-Manambondro-Vaingandran (493km)
  • RN13: Ihosy-Betroka-Ambovombe- Amboasary Sud-Tolganaro (493km)
  • RN19: Katsepy-Mitsingo-Soalala
  • RN22: Fenerive- Est -Vavatenina ( 38km)
  • RN 24 :Mananjary -Vohilava (45km)
  • RN 25: Ambohimahasoa-Vohiparara- Ranomafana Sud-Ifanadiana- Irondro (161km) junction with RN7 PK 355 -Mananjary (176km)
  • RN 27: Ihosy-Vohibe-Farafangana (275km)
  • RN 30 :Car RN 6 Ambalavelona-Anify( 20km)
  • RN 30 a : Bus RN 57 (Helvilel)-DJamanjary -Andilana (25km)
  • RN31 : Antsohihy -Bealanana( 129km)
  • RN 32 : Antsohihy-Befandriana Nord- Mandritsara ( 200 km)
  • RN 33 :Ambatondrazaka-Ambondromamy ( 340km)
  • RN34: Antsirabe-Miandrivazo- Malaimbandy( 368km)
  • RN35: Ambositra-Malaimbandy-Morondava( 460km)
  • RN 41: Ambositra -Fandriana(41km)
  • RN 42: Fianarantsoa-Ikalamavony (94km)
  • RN 43: Analavory- Ampefy-Soavinandriana-Ambohibary Sambaina ( 133km)
  • RN 44: Moramanga- Ambatondrazaka-Imerimandroso-Amboavory(228km)
  • RN 54: Ex Bonnet et Fils Majunga_ Amborovy Airport
  • RN 55: Bevoay -Morombe ( 78km)

This comprehensive guide aims to provide travelers with the knowledge needed to explore Madagascar’s vast and varied landscapes, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience.

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