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Festival Donia

Festival Donia unveiled: Celebrating Madagascar’s cultural splendour

Donia Festival: A Cultural and Musical Sharing Moment

What is the Donia festival?

The Donia festival in Madagascar is the biggest music and culture event on the island. It takes place on Nosy Be, a beautiful island near the northwest coast of Madagascar. The festival brings together over 50,000 people to celebrate music and culture from Madagascar, the Indian Ocean, and around the world. This festive event occurs once a year around June, lasting for about 5 to 7 days. However, there was an exception in 2018 when it took place in September instead.

The name “Donia” comes from the Sakalava dialect and means “the beautiful life.” The festival has been running for 27 years and was officially recognized as part of Malagasy cultural heritage in 1997. It’s a highly anticipated event that attracts many tourists each year to this paradise island in the Mozambique Channel.

Festival Schedule Highlights

The festival is very diverse with various cultural events such as sports, conferences, and shows. Every year, new activities are introduced, like the Miss and Mister competition and the Motocross competition. The highlight of the event is the colorful and lively opening carnival that involves the entire Nosy Be island. It brings together the culture of the vanilla islands, including Madagascar, La Réunion, Mayotte, Seychelles, and Mauritius. Economically, it serves as a huge tourist attraction and creates job opportunities for locals. The main purpose of the festival is to showcase local and international talent while providing a platform for discovery.

Festival Atmosphere

Day or night, there’s always a big celebration on the whole island of Nosy Be. Cultural and sports activities fill the days, with concerts at the Ambodivoanio stadium day and night. The event shows the unity of the islanders and offers a magical moment and cultural adventure not to be missed.

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