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Category: Tourism

Découverte: Unraveling the Exceptional Cultural Diversity of Madagascar

Reasons to Travel to Madagascar Madagascar is a popular destination in the Indian Ocean, known for its biodiverse and picturesque landscapes. Despite facing challenges such as deforestation and erosion, the island is home to rare and unique animal and plant species. Visitors can witness fascinating animals like lemurs and other magnificent species during their travels. […]

Exploring Madagascar: The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Transportation for Getting Around

Choosing Transportation Types Madagascar has various types of transportation, including land, rail, air, and sea. The cost of land transport depends on factors like road quality, distance, and the type of trip. With 30,000 km of roads on the island, only 20% are paved while the rest are unpaved tracks. Road Transportation The most popular […]

Dive into Madagascar’s exquisite beaches: Discover the best places to swim and activities to enjoy on site

Enjoy the beach, swimming in rivers or lakes, or simply relaxing Madagascar offers beautiful, natural beaches with crystal clear waters for swimming and relaxation. The island has over 500 kilometers of coastline, making it home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. These beaches are characterized by their white sand and authentic, […]

Immersive Forest Hiking in Madagascar: Unveiling the Hidden Treasures

Enjoying a beautiful landscape while hiking and breathing in fresh air Madagascar offers a variety of landscapes to explore through activities like hiking, nordic walking, and trekking. These experiences allow you to immerse yourself in diverse natural environments while encountering different cultures and traditions. The island’s rich biodiversity is intertwined with its unique heritage, providing […]

Unveiling the Enchanting Allure of Lac Tritriva: History, Access, and Activities

Tritriva: a sacred lake with fascinating stories The southern part of the “Red Island” offers a diverse range of landscapes, including mountains, forests, and unique climates. One of the key attractions is Lake Tritriva, a large volcanic crater lake located in Antsirabe. Surrounded by dense pine forests and boasting beautiful green waters, Lake Tritriva is […]

Unveiling Foulpointe: Exploring the Rich History, Activities, and Visits in Ilerouge

Foulpointe, a beautiful paradise beach Foulpointe is a beautiful town in Madagascar, known for its stunning beaches and coral reefs. Named after a pirate named Thomas White, the town is also called Mahavelona by the locals, which means “where one wakes up anew.” Located 60 km east of Toamasina, Foulpointe attracts many visitors, especially during […]