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From Ancient Civilizations to Modern Times: History of Madagascar, from the Dark Ages to the Present Day

The history of Madagascar began around the 5th century BC with the arrival of Indonesian and Malayo-Polynesian immigrants in the western and northwestern parts of the island. These early settlers introduced rice cultivation and various plants from Southeast Asia, such as sugarcane, bananas, coconuts, and yams. They are also credited with introducing silk weaving to […]

Breaking down the lexicon of the Malagasy language: Exploring the richness of Malagasy vocabulary

The native language in Madagascar is Malagasy. Origin of Malagasy Language The Malagasy language comes from the Austronesian language, spoken by the first people of Madagascar 2400 years ago. It belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian group. About 90% of traditional Malagasy vocabulary is from this language group, while the remaining 10% comes from African and Indonesian […]

Madagascar’s royal heritage: the beginnings, the kings and the crimson island The beginnings, the kings and the crimson island

The royal rule in Madagascar started around 1500-1810. It was ended by colonization in 1896. There were four major kingdoms in Madagascar. In the East, it’s the land of the ANTEMORO From the 12th to the 19th century, Madagascar was a kingdom with a mix of Arab and Islamic ethnicities. Legend has it that a […]

The Rich Tradition of Malagasy Culture: Royal Customs and Etiquette

Exploring Madagascar’s Culture Through Travel Madagascar is known for its unique culture and natural beauty. The island has been influenced by many different civilizations, including those from Asia, Africa, and Europe. This blend of cultures can be seen throughout the island and provides a diverse experience for travelers. Each region of Madagascar has its own […]

Découverte: Unraveling the Exceptional Cultural Diversity of Madagascar

Reasons to Travel to Madagascar Madagascar is a popular destination in the Indian Ocean, known for its biodiverse and picturesque landscapes. Despite facing challenges such as deforestation and erosion, the island is home to rare and unique animal and plant species. Visitors can witness fascinating animals like lemurs and other magnificent species during their travels. […]