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Andasibe-Mantadia National Park: A Tropical Haven

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park: A Tropical Haven

Introduction to the Park

A must-visit for nature enthusiasts, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, located just three hours from Madagascar’s capital, embodies the essence of a mid-altitude tropical rainforest (930 m-1050 m). An extensive network of hiking trails through the gently rolling hills makes it easy to explore this 12,810-hectare sanctuary. Even those new to wildlife spotting can encounter the indri, the largest of all lemur species, in this verdant paradise.

Tree Ferns

The trails of the park are lined with majestic tree ferns, a sight to behold. Outside of protected areas, these plants are subject to artisanal, often excessive, harvesting for use in crafting flower pots.

Indri: The Forest’s Melodic Inhabitants

The indri’s morning calls add a layer of mystique to the forest ambiance. These harmonious, modulated howls, audible from over 2 km away, serve as a territorial marker for the park’s 62 indri families, each comprising 2 to 5 members.

Calumma Parsoni Cristifer: Gentle Giants

Among the forest’s inhabitants are the Calumma parsoni chameleons, true giants at 50-60 cm. They feast on large insects and occasionally small birds. In Andasibe, the cristifer species can be spotted perched in the treetops.

Mantella Madagascariensis: The Forest’s Tiny Dwellers

This small, daytime frog, measuring just 2-3 cm, sustains itself on ants and termites. The male produces a series of short clicks as part of its communication.

The Green Lake

Nestled in a crescent-shaped basin near the park’s edge, the Green Lake is a serene spot where visitors can see lemurs, birds, and the orderly natural architecture of the forest.

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