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Rich Biodiversity in Madagascar

Exploring Andasibe Circuit: Rich Biodiversity in Madagascar

Ideal nature circuit: Andasibe for nature lovers

The Advantages of the Andasibe Circuit

Andasibe is about a three-hour drive from the capital city, Antananarivo, on route RN2 heading east.

The Andasibe circuit is great for a short stay in Antananarivo. You can spend two nights there or just go for a day trip.

Starting from the capital, you can visit a national park and a special reserve.

Andasibe Mantadia National Park: A Brief Overview

A few hours from Antananarivo, there is a park in a large, untouched forest. When you visit, you can do many activities like hiking and camping. You can also see special animals and plants that are only found in Madagascar: lemurs, chameleons, orchids, and more. There are different hotels and hostels for all kinds of preferences and budgets.

Andasibe-Manambato: Essential Information

Manambato is a peaceful and picturesque fishing village located on the shores of Lake Rasoabe. It is a natural oasis, far away from city noise and electricity, offering visitors a tranquil escape surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches. The lake not only attracts tourists but also provides vital resources for the local community with its abundance of freshwater products. One of the highlights of visiting Manambato is the opportunity to take a boat trip along the Pangalane Canal that runs through the village. This scenic location offers an idyllic retreat for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty while experiencing authentic village life.

Manambato – Akanin’ny Nofy: –> Manambato – Akanin’ny Nofy:

Discover the Akanin’ny Nofy “Dream Nest” lodge, a private reserve accessible by boat. It’s home to unique wildlife like lemurs and aye-ayes, as well as exceptional flora. The lodge is located along the Pangalane Canal, offering a scenic boat trip through this natural wonderland.

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