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Anakao's magnificent lagoons madagascar

Explore Anakao’s magnificent lagoons, coral reefs and surfing adventures

Anakao, a fishing village

Anakao is a beautiful Vezo village in the Southwest of Madagascar, known for its stunning white sandy beaches and clear turquoise lagoons. The warm welcome and charming smiles of the locals will surely touch your heart, offering happiness and tranquility.

This fishing village faces Nosy Vezo and is situated on the Mahafaly coast. Anakao boasts some of the most picturesque beaches with translucent turquoise waters. Visitors are welcomed by friendly locals, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Approximately 3 km from Anakao lies the island of Nosy Ve, where traces of slave traders and pirates can still be found, such as the French Residence basins. The island also contains sacred “tromba” huts that are important within local culture.

Anakao enjoys pleasant weather all year round with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 29°C. Rainfall is typically observed in December, January, and February, making visits between May and August ideal for a delightful experience by the sea.

How to get to Anakao?

There are two ways to get to Anakao, Madagascar. You can either take a 4-hour car ride or a 1-hour boat ride. It’s better to choose the boats for a fast and fun journey. If you want to book a boat in advance, you should visit the agencies that offer this service in Tuléar, which is just a few tens of meters from the coast. In Tuléar, there is also a cart pulled by zebus that takes passengers to board the boats for added convenience and safety.

Its specialty: exploration and relaxation

A Fishing Village

Anakao is a coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and fishing community. The people of Anakao mainly rely on traditional outrigger canoes for fishing. The town is home to a mix of Vezo fishing villages and Tanala farmers. The population has roots in the migration of Mahafaly, Masikoro, and Merina ethnic groups.

A charming population

This village is known for its friendly people and beautiful beaches. Many residents work in tourism, fishing, and animal farming. Visitors can see herds of cattle, sheep, and goats around the village.

Traditional Village

The people of Anakao value the customs passed down by their ancestors. The Vezo and Tanala communities hold deep respect for their local traditions, such as “fady” in Malagasy, which are taboos or restrictions. Traditional fishermen’s houses can still be found in the southern part of the village alongside modern structures. Additionally, there is a vast Vezo cemetery located at the end of the road. Similar to other Malagasy populations, the ancestors play a significant role in the lives of Anakao’s residents.

Unforgettable Shows

Anakao is the perfect place to unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The captivating landscapes offer scenes not to be missed, such as the sight of pirogues returning at sunset. Don’t forget to capture beautiful photos of the pirogues gently approaching the shore against an orange sky.

Top Things to Do in Anakao for Tourists

– Endless activities await in this marvelous corner of the world, ensuring you won’t get bored.
– This paradise offers diverse activities to entertain both kids and adults.
– Prepare for an unexpected discovery and a dreamy journey.

Surfing and kitesurfing

Anakao, Madagascar is a popular spot for surfing, known internationally. It’s best for experienced surfers due to strong waves and hollow sections. Nearby waves like Flameballs and Jelly Baby offer different surfing experiences. Anakao also provides good conditions for kitesurfing from March to November, with daily warm winds.

Beach and Canoe

– When you arrive in Anakao, the first thing to do is take a dip in the clear turquoise water.
– You can go on a canoe ride to Nosy Ve, which is across from Anakao.
– Explore the underwater world and enjoy snorkeling.

Diving and Snorkeling

Anakao is a top spot for diving and snorkeling. You can explore the large reef after a short canoe ride on the Mozambique Channel. There are well-equipped dive clubs that take you to beautiful dive sites, such as Nosy Ve, which is teeming with reef life, and where you can also see humpback whales. Other must-see spots in Anakao include the Madras Canyons, Torgugas, and Aven Cave, which offers a unique diving experience in freshwater.

Anakao’s Dishes

Anakao is famous for its beautiful beaches and delicious seafood. When visiting Anakao, you must try the variety of dishes inspired by Asian, African, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisines. The Malagasy cuisine offers a range of seafood such as lobsters, crayfish, squid, and grilled fish skewers. You can also taste traditional Malagasy dishes like “ravitoto sy henakisoa,” made with cassava leaves and pork meat, as well as delicious zebu fillets. It’s a great opportunity to experience the diverse culinary flavors of Madagascar during your trip to Anakao.

Accommodation and dining establishments

Lalandaka Hotel: Simplified Subtitle

The Lalandaka Hotel is located near a fishing village in the southwest of Madagascar. Its name means “the path of the canoes” in the Vezo language, and it fits perfectly with the surrounding landscapes of Anakao. The eco lodge offers quality accommodation, with traditional wooden bungalows made from rosewood, providing charm and comfort. The hotel has a restaurant by the lagoon that serves à la carte menus featuring fish and lobster dishes while offering a spectacular view of Nosy Vezo Island. Guests can also enjoy delicious fruit-based cocktails at the bar while watching the sunset. Additionally, the hotel provides various activities such as picnics, diving, island excursions, water sports, and trips to Tsimanampetsotsa National Park.

Ancient City of Atlantis Found in Madagascar

The Atlantis Madagascar is located in Anakao, accessible by boat from Tuléar. The hotel features an outdoor pool and a private beach, as well as free Wi-Fi and private parking. It has a 24-hour reception and all rooms have well-equipped bathrooms with a view of the lagoon. Guests can enjoy activities such as snorkeling. It’s a great place for couples, families, or friends. Additionally, the hotel offers currency exchange services and multilingual staff to assist guests throughout their stay.

Surf Lodge in Madagascar

Mada Surf Lodge is located in Anakao and offers a restaurant, bar, garden, and common lounge. The lodge features family rooms and a terrace with beautiful views of the sea. With 24-hour reception and room service available, it’s an ideal place for couples, families, or friends to relax by the seaside.

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