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the Rich Traditions of Solovolo madagascar

Uncovering the Rich Traditions of Solovolo – Mofo katsaka – Gâteau de maïs in African Cuisine

The afternoon snack, particularly enjoyable for kids, can be made more exciting by preparing Malagasy corn-based pastries called solovolo and mofo katsaka (corn cake). These simple and quick recipes are perfect for those who love exotic cuisine. It’s a great way to surprise your guests and switch things up from the usual snacks.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

– You need 250g of corn or green corn (katsaka maintso)
– Also, you will require 1 plantain banana
– In addition, grab a tablespoon of yeast
– Prepare some sugar, water, or coconut milk
– Cooking time is about 15 minutes for preparation and 1 hour 30 minutes for cooking.

Start by peeling and cutting the corn into pieces, then boil it until tender. Meanwhile, in a skillet, cook the sliced plantains with a little sugar and water until they are very tender. In a saucepan, mix the cooked katsaka maintso, plantains, and coconut milk, then heat over low heat until it becomes a thick puree. Let the dough rest for an hour until it doubles in size. Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Pour the batter into small muffin molds and bake for 30 minutes. Once done, let the solovolo or mofo katsaka cool before enjoying them. These Malagasy culinary specialties are simple and delicious, perfect for surprising your guests with this easy-to-make recipe using katsaka as its base ingredient.

Feel free to get creative by adding your favorite ingredients to customize this recipe according to your preferences. Enjoy your meal!


When you’re in Ambatomirahavavy, they offer solovolo. It’s made by mixing katsaka maintso with plantains and coconut milk to make a puree, then cooking it in a water bath. If you grind the katsaka into powder, be careful not to add too much so the puree doesn’t become too thick.

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